General Overview:
Intraoperative consultation by neuropathology is required during brain cancer surgery in order to guide surgicial decisions in determining how much of the tumor undergoes resection. Glioblastoma is a type of brain tumor that originates in the glial cells which surrond and support neurons in the brain. Metastasis is a type of tumor that has spread via the bloodstrem from another location in the body. During surgery, there is approximately a 30 minute window for diagnosis of these tumors. If the diagnosis is incorrect, a repeat surgery may be required which is why there is a high need to simplifiy and improve the neuropatholgical intraoperative consultations. This new method focuses on modeling the foreground and background separately to identify the differences between glioblastoma and metastasis. In glioblastoma, the regions are filled with glial processes between nuclei, giving a thin linear structure appearance between nuclei. In metastasis, the regions between nuclei have a more homogenous appearance.

Current Findings:

Figure 1: Flow Chart for Stages of Project

Figure 2: Glial Example

Figure 3: Metastasis Example