Other Ongoing Projects
We currently have many ongoing projects aside from the others described on pages in the Projects section. This page contains brief overviews of some of our other currently ongoing projects.

Liver and vessel segmentation from SPIR images and 3D visualization
The goal in this project is to segment liver organ and its vessels, and 3D visualization of the segmented liver and vessels. Therefore, there are four main tasks in this project that involves designing and implementation of an algorithm 1) to segment irrelevant organs from abdominal images, 2) to achieve automated segmentation of the liver from SPIR image sequences, 3) to segment vessels, and 4) to identify portal and hepatic vessels in the liver using anatomical information. The segmented vessels and liver will be represented as three dimensional. The performance analysis of the proposed approach in this project will be evaluated in terms of accuracy, sensitivity, specificity and computational cost (i.e., required processing time).

Imaging Based Hepatic fat quantification: Correlation with Histopathology
The goal of this project is to search an approach that will provide hepatic fat quantification automatically from MR images. Therefore, an automated method that achieves real-time, accurate, quantitative, repeatable, objective and fast quantification of fat in the liver will be developed. This involves detection and analysis of liver tissues that includes fat (hepatic steatosis) from MR image data sets. According to the measured amount of detected fat with the proposed method, the liver can be classified as normal or fatty liver.

Intra-operative neuropathology: Automated cell detection and classification
The goal of this project is to perform numeric analysis and evaluation of PTBP, OLIG2 and DAPI images automatically for diagnostic neuropathology. Therefore, we present a method for automated cell detection and classification in this work to help pathologists.