I received my bachelors degree from Atilim University
with a double major in Computer Engineering (2009) and Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010). After my undergraduate degrees, I worked as a research assistant at Atilim University, Information Systems Engineering from 2010 to 2019.  I studied filtering and quantization effects on segmentation during my master degree in Atilim University from the Department of Computer Engineering (2013). Lastly, I received my doctorate from Atilim University in Software Engineering (2018). My dissertation was “Age and Gender Prediction from 3D Body and Face Images”.  I have worked in research with Machine Vision and Machine Learning for 5 years, using state of art methods such as SVM, KNN, ANNs classification and GLCM, LBP, HOG feature extraction methods. In my PhD studies, I developed a system to predict the gender and age of subjects using anthropometric measurements and coordinates of joint points taken from a 3D camera using different classification and ANN methods. Additionally, face images were examined to predict age and gender using popular Deep Learning techniques (CNN) and compared with statistical techniques (SVM, KNN).