I am a first year PhD student in the Virginia Tech/Wake Forest University BME program. I specialize in utilizing machine learning techniques for the analysis and interpretation of digital histopathological slides. I am working to creative innovative solutions to enhance pathologist interpretation and discover new anatomical prognostic factors in cancer.

I am currently pursuing my PhD under Dr. Metin Gurcan at Wake Forest University. Previously, I graduated from the University of Rochester with B.S. degrees in computer science and microbiology in 2017 and soon after joined Dr. Gurcan at his previous institution (The Ohio State University) as a researcher. During my undergraduate career, I conducted research in the Department of Biology at Lehigh University, the Penn State Cancer Institute, and the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

I have experience in machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, Tensorflow, histopathology, Python, C/C++, Java, Ruby, MATLAB, and a variety of other programming languages and tools. I excelled in my undergraduate coursework, and during my gap year with Dr. Gurcan have been published in SPIE, PLOS ONE, The Journal of Urology, and Nature Laboratory Investigation. Having a background in both computer science and microbiology, I provide a unique, interdisciplinary perspective on problems in the analysis of histopathological images.