General Overview:
Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the second leading cause of death due to a single infectious agent behind disease due to HIV/AIDS. This infection results in immune cell recruitment to the lungs which results in a macrophage rich region (called granuloma) and a lymphocyte-rich region (called lymphocytic cuff). These regions differ in their cell density. The aim of this study was to use H&E stained slides to detect the high cell density regions.

Current Findings:


1) Background Segmentation

2) Internuclei Distance Computation

3) Detection of Potential Regions

4) Classification of Potential Regions Into Granulomas, Lymphocytic Cuffs

Figure 1: Flow Chart of Developed Framework for Classification and Detection

Figure 2: Tissue Sample with Green Corresponding to Granulomas and Blue Corresponding to Lymphocytic Cuffs